We are pleased to welcome you on our web page. As a modern Trading Company we shall keep you posted on our product portfolios and services through this site.

One of our main activities is the import of firstclass RAW MATERIALS for the food- and beverage industry. We can also look back on several years of successful trading of ORGANIC PRODUCTS (BioSuisse Certification) fom all over the world. These selected commodities are not only destined for the production of high quality semi-finished goods, but also for convenience- and highly exigent baby-food.

Another activity takes care of supplies of TROPICAL TIMBER from sustainable production in West Africa, and OAK VENEER from a leading facility in the Ukraine, which are shipped to wholesalers and manufacturers in Europe.

Our long standing experience with perishable goods also allows us to consult some international partners in this field.

All our relationships are based on long standing personal connections.

You can find us - as since 1973 - under our phone-number:

+41-44-391 49 19, or via email at jose.oliver@oliver-zollikon.ch

Please feel free to contact us anytime. We shall be pleased to answer all your queries and submit our offers.